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Meet The Family

Habitat for Humanity of the Lexington, NC Area, Inc. received an application from a young mother of four, a 16, 14, 8 and a 2 year old, that lives in a two bedroom home in Lexington. When asked why she wanted to be in the Habitat program she wrote, “The home is older and has infestation problems that I have tried to fix. It has electrical problems and plumbing issues and getting the property owner to come fix any issues in my home is almost impossible. No air conditioning or heat. I have to use space heaters. We do not live in the best neighborhood so I cannot let the children outside to play without someone watching them.


My dream is to have a decent affordable home that my children can thrive and know that we are able to play in the yard, and feel safe at night”.


I just want to tell you a little about myself. In 2013, I went back to school to become a CNA, I work for Hospice of the Piedmont. I travel to Davidson County, Guilford County and Randolph County. Not only do I take care of four children but also I go to people homes as a Hospice Aide. This is a stressful job with many different turns. You may never know what you will encounter each day. I help care for families and their loved ones at the most difficult times. I try to comfort them as the face the inevitable.


I know with many stumbles and falls that we are so grateful for this chance! When I called that Friday morning at 9:00 saying “is it too early to call?” I was told you are going to be partnering with Habitat to be a homeowner! I just started crying. I am so excited that my family and I have been chosen to be in the Habitat program. I know this is a blessing that we will not take lightly.


Knowing that Grubb is collaborating with Habitat to build my new home is a dream come true! My family and I thank you so much.

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